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Dr Dean EdellDr. Dean Edell
Dr. Dean Edell finds on-air counseling to his listeners extremely satisfying – far more than practicing eye surgery, his chosen field.
Early in his career, Dr. Dean found teaching and communicating with patients the most gratifying aspects of his career, so radio was a ready-made classroom for him, though he happened on it by accident.  Edell so impressed a co-worker that he introduced the young doctor to a radio programmer.  And the rest is history.
“Radio is the medium,” he says.  “It communicates like no other. It has a special nuance that no other media has, and anyone can call and participate.”
Over the years the show has focused more on lifestyle issues due to Americans becoming more conscious of disease prevention, as well as the national preoccupation with beauty and longevity.
“People have gotten more neurotic about their health.  Maybe it’s a boomer thing, but people are having a harder time accepting the fact that they are going to die someday.  I try to calm my listeners, get them not to worry so much.
“Mind-body studies show that your attitude has more effect than cholesterol on your overall health,” he adds.
Dr. Dean earned his M.D. at Cornell University and was Assistant Clinical Professor of Surgery at U.C. San Diego.
“Because I don’t have a private practice, I have time to do the research required to intelligently instruct listeners as to how and where they might find help to improve their health, and at the same time, alert them to fraudulent products and treatments that may even prove harmful,” he says.

Provided by ABC News
Provided by ABC News

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